Electrostep Network is a multi-label music collective founded by Zac Claxton, also known as Electrode. It encompasses over 16 sub-labels that span various electronic music genres.

The network has signed hundreds of artists globally, without restricting the sound, style, or type of music they release. Their focus is on curating and distributing high-quality music to audiences worldwide and beyond.Electrostep Network directly manages several artists, including Gawtbass, Frank Royal, Mii-Mii, DreemChxsr, Ennaut, SPACELY, and Electrode (Zac Claxton himself).

These artists receive support from the network for releases, bookings, collaborations, and other endeavors.Some of the notable sub-labels under the Electrostep Network umbrella are Exclusive Tunes Network, Electrostep Nation, Drink More Water, 0 MPH, and NO. 

The network actively promotes its artists and releases through platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, and their official website

Zac Claxton